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The Final 4 of IEM Sydney Drawing A Charge

  • jessie PC

IEM Sydney, Switzerland round of the group competitions have finished and the final 4 teams has came out, they are SK, Faze, Astralis and OpTic.

Today IEM Sydney station's first game is China team VG and cowboy duel,the lost team will eventually become the first team to be eliminated. They fighted in cobble, both sides played inextricably involved in the early, and the turning point of the match in a mess, nifty a large spy to have anti face pack for VG two T, VG two points in the package are one by one by one, and the 2 hit 1 after losing a we let the VG economic collapse, on the other hand also let VG players all mentality imbalance. After another 2 dozen 1 of the endgame, they seem to have been affected by the last one, lost again. Lost two key pieces of them in the first half behind a large margin, but after losing the second half pistol Bureau they seem to have lost the Fanpan hope. It scored 5-16.

ксго краш сайты

Chiefs played against OpTic today, and the map of both sides was a train, but this time Chiefs did not create a surprise. They lost the game by a score of 4 to 16.

ксго тактики рулеток

Finally, the powerful dialogue between SK and Astralis was launched on Inferno. In the face of Astralis's strong defensive ability, SK scored 6 points in the first half and left some suspense for the game. Come to SK in the second half also showed their strong defensive ability, and Astralis to what we see is their "hard" side, on both sides of the 12 than the 12 of them under the obviously poor economic side to choose to just guns, eventually lost a key disadvantage because of firearms Bureau, which also makes them to 12 to 16 score SK entered the semi-finals.

ксго победа на рулетках

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