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Talk with Fallen: the mentality of Brazil Dynasty SK returning to the king

  • cs:go PC

Over the past three months, SK has tried many times to adjust team personnel to find the right structure and the Felps team role. Before the success, several of them dropped to the bottom during the big game, and finally returned to their peak at cs_summit and IEM Sydney. Now, we're interviewing Fallen and Felps to get a better understanding of SK's journey back to the top!
System, which is the idea of the SK spiritual leader and Conductor: how to participate in the CS:GO competition as a team. As a system, everyone has his or her own position and role, and at the same time must not cross the bounds in the non essential situation. Throughout the 2016, the system did not disappoint SK: the Brazil giants turned out to win four awards, including the two Major, five runner up, and numerous Top 4 teams, with only one group qualifying.

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In the SK acquisition of Felps, there is a huge difference between the new players and the original SK player fnx style, according to Fallen, the new players have special competitive technology, force yourself to the collapse of the existing system to give new players gifted more space to play.


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The addition of Felps has led to some problems: how can the team change their style after allowing another highly aggressive player to cooperate with the FER?. DreamHack Las Vegas masters, the 20 year old player, joined SK for the first event. SK's incredible performance at the tournament: all the way into the finals and losing to, SK finally found the answer.
Fallen chose to step back and give the Felps more space to open up the situation, to help the team. So in the DreamHack Las Vegas masters, the team command and sniper Fallen rarely involved in the first kill (0.11 per turn of the first kill and the first dead line match VS 2016 average of 0.21 and the first kill the first death), and aggressive Felps let him in the team reached the second position (0.27 of the first kill and die first).

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"We plan and arrangement is reached a peak in the Major, I said we just realized I think the team can achieve 85%, that is one of the reasons why we plan to participate in Major before each league schedule (well, after EPL, we participated in the European League, so we will be in Europe two April), we can accelerate the progress and hope to reach the pinnacle of this love Major." - Fallen responds to whether he has found the perfect style of competition and whether he has returned to their former level.

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