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Playing like this to be a CSGO master

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In addition to the most basic competitive models, CS:GO also offers plenty of games for players to polish their skills. Today we are talking about an arms race. The arms race rules simply kill 2 enemies whenever the game player can upgrade, after the upgrade will be a new weapon, rose to 16 after the game player will get a gold dagger, first gold dagger to kill the enemy of the game player will win the games.


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The arms race, due to its upgraded gun switching rules, requires players to master all kinds of CS:GO guns. Therefore, for novice players, this is familiar with firearms, training marksmanship excellent training model. But want the arms race model big kill four also need to have some tips, today to bring you the basic knowledge of the arms race and tips, you can master these ambitions in the arms race.


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The rules of the arms race have just come to light. The rules sound simple, right? But when you rank the top of your team, you'll be in the leader mode, and the player model in the leader mode will be highlighted by the red, and the player's own screen will also appear red.


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How can we sneak into the enemy's rear without being discovered by the enemy? This requires players through their own body moves and consciousness to achieve it. You need to observe the map to grasp the situation surrounding the judge, at the appropriate time behind. But in the face of some strong sense, know how to listen to the sound and action master when you also need to learn to hide their voice, just hold down the shift key walking silently, you also need to learn to mute the jump, jump around, jump and other advanced skills. When you've learned these skills, you can walk back and forth like these high-end players.

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