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Of Guards and Thieves

  • 235_Elp6TFY , PC,

What is "Of Guards And Thieves"?

Keep yourself in the shadows...or simply assault all the guards! (cit)

Choose your side in this multiplayer stealth game between the high powered Guards and the fast and elusive Thieves using your wits to outsmart the enemies or just make your way to the goal using bullets.

It's a game with simple rules, emergent gameplay and very high replayability. You'll love it :D

Key features

Fast paced action PvP gameplay

Use cover and hide in the shadows in a perfect stealth way

Multi platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Host or join games (up to 16 players)

Features in progress

24/7 dedicated servers

New maps

Guard Bots

Up to 16 players games

Multiple weapons and gadgets (placeable proximity sensors with alarm (guards), stun weapons (thieves), and more!)

Multiple game modes (Deathmatch, Assassination, VIP escort, Zombie invasion (!?!)

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