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Gun stops the bullet? CSGO physical engine to show the charm of collision

  • cs:go PS4

Developed by Valve, the perfect world to operate the FPS competitive game CS:GO is now open pioneer first test. In the game, players will get immersive battlefield experience, which is not only from the real powerful shooting touch, but also thanks to the excellent physics engine for object collision height reduction.

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Experienced CS:GO friends must know, not only rely on the winning shot, and a variety of functions of different tactical items, most of the time, to a precise throwing smoke bombs or flare is enough to change the game. In the performance of the projectile, CS:GO used by the Source engine and the Havok physics engine can be perfect to restore the impact of the ideal situation, to ensure the strategy of the war, but also greatly enhance playability.

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Do you know that every gun in CS:GO has its own collision volume? You may have found that used guns to fire on the ground dropped gun, it can fly far away, and burst out sparks, as if really hit a piece of iron.

Such a real collision simulation, often in the game can be derived from many unexpected coincidence. In the figure, the operator is control of God in time, throw the gun in his hand grenade explosion, the explosive air rifle fly far into the hands of his teammates, Trinidad send spy, Li heavy sentiment heavier ah.
Because the gun has its collision, can be shot, so in games there are sometimes such exquisite Showdown: the face of the enemy and to the muzzle of courage, but out of their guns, guns across the block bullets, by which the dead escape.стримы CS:GONot only the height of the collision of firearms and props to be true but also CS:GO characters in the shock response is also very delicate depiction. "Doll system" greatly reduced the different parts of the people shot when the different reactions, rather than the monotony of the back down to the ground, to ensure a refreshing sense of combat. Due to the action simulation is fine, when the attack is often a variety of shapes.

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