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DreamHack Hosts 'Seniors' Matches For CS Players Over 30

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Rules: Full Dreamhack BYOC rule to be released.
Limit: Age limit - Above 30 years old
No of teams: Max 64
Registration: Pre-registration online opens soon. All attendees in the teams need to confirm the participation and every player need to show ID to play in the tournament.

Preliminary Schedule:
Saturday: Group Stage BO1(64->32 teams). 20.00-24.00
Sunday: Group Stage BO1(32->16 teams). 14.00-18.00
Monday: Playoffs BO3(16 teams -> Single elimination). 10.00-20.00


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Prize winnings:
1. 10,000 SEK
2. 5,000 SEK
3. Product Prizes


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The tournament organizer has declared that DreamHack Summer 2017 will sponsor four unique Counterstrike tournaments for girls, seniors, juniors and free for all players.

There are several professional International Offensive players that are creeping up with this age, including Zeus, Taz and Edward though there’s been some reference to research which promises response times in games like StarCraft start fading after age 24.

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Therefore, if you feel quite great about your reaction times and ’re over 30, you have a shot at another old geezers and can head down to Sweden. There next summer, although unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be a tournament final that matches the young against the old.

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