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OPL Manager (Open Ps2 Loader Manager) è un programma per Windows che permette di modificare le varie informazioni dei backup dei giochi che possono essere avviare da OPL



v11 2014-05-16

Anonymous app usage data. (can opt-out)
ART and SCR count on status bar.
Option to disable auto update check on startup
Fixed CFG Editor players text size
Fixed file-browser default file name

No IP adress tracking. I'm just using a unique generated id to identify the user, look at your config file for it if you want to check it out.
Also added the option to disable/enable that and one for auto update check on startup.

Previous Changelogs

v.10.1 2014-05-13
Quick fix for v10 not saving the folder.

v.10 2014-05-09
Fixed Screenshot browser crash

v.9 2014-05-02
+ Game Hasher MD5
+* Fixed VMC wrong filename (.bin.bin)

v.8 2014-04-29
+Auto update checker
+Game List Order
*Batch screenshot recode for better efficiency
*Fixed crashes ps2linux is offline
*Removed lost button in cfg upgrade window

v.7 2014-04-22
*Fixed asking to create vmc when it already exists
*Fixed having to wait a moment between screenshot upload, otherwise a error would show up
+Added batch screenshot sharing!

v.6 2014-04-22
+CFG Editor!!
+VMC creator (inside cfg editor)
+Support for screenshots!
+Filter game list
+Ability to double click a game and launch some app
+Added a handy button to open the OPL folder in windows explorer!
+Added support for my own art database (@ ps2linux.no-ip.info)

v.5 2014-03-06
+Batch Cover and Disc downloading!
+Cleaner for ART folder!
+Now checks if theres ART CD DVD folders on startup!

v.4 2014-03-04
+Cover and disk icon downloading!
+Now checks if ALL iso's file extension is .iso lowercase

v.3 2014-03-03
+ISO renaming!
+Now detects bad named iso's on startup!

v.2 2014-03-01
*Fixed crash selecting OPL folder in XP
*Fixed File=>Exit button not working
*Fixed Settings=>Set OPL folder not working
+Added global stats
+Added "Type" column to game list

v.1 2014-03-01
*First release




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